Also here the City of Copenhagen can be of great help. Job and career programs under Københavns Erhvervshus are a good start.
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Starting a new job or pursuing a career in Denmark can be a very different experience than in your home country. How is the work culture here? What is the best way to create a network? Is it okay to be member of a union? Where do you go to boost your CV? 

Danish workplace culture

A job at a Danish workplace often means that you have a high degree of influence, but what is expected in return? Get some clues here for a better understanding of the Danish labour market and cultural codes at a Danish workplace.

Looking for a job

Denmark has a workforce of around 2,7 million with a total of 700.000 changing their job every year. This means that there is a high degree of flexibility on the Danish job market. But how do you get started? If you have a higher education as an expat or spouse, a good place to start looking for a job is attending a First Job Copenhagen course. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to start up your own company? Copenhagen Business Hub is the place to start then. Are you a spouse who wants to pursue a career in Denmark? Make sure to check out Copenhagen Career Program. Are you a full degree international student, who wants to pursue a career in Denmark? Why not join the course Career Kick Start? If you are an international student or recent graduate living in Greater Copenhagen, you can join a 7-month free course at Greater Copenhagen Career Program. You can find more useful information on job search in Copenhagen.  Some useful websites for job search are International.kk.dk, Workindenmark and Lifeindenmark.

Trade unions and unemployment funds

A trade union offers you legal assistance, career advice and a network. If you want to become a member of a trade union, make sure to read more here. You can also find a useful list here. Another important thing to consider is joining an unemployment fund (‘a-kasse’ in Danish). If you join an ‘a-kasse’, you are guaranteed a monthly income in case you lose your job. An ‘a-kasse’ can also help you find a new job. Some unemployment funds are professionally delineated while others are multidisciplinary. Find one that suits your needs on this list. Non-EU citizen must be aware that it might not be relevant to be member of an a-kasse if the residence permit lapses in case of unemployment. If you are unemployed, make sure to get familiar with your right, option and obligations here. See more information about Danish working conditions and how the Danish labour market is organized here.