First Job Copenhagen

Are you an international citizen in Copenhagen looking for a job? First Job Copenhagen can provide you with the tools needed to find a job that matches your experiences and educational background.

We see a lot of highly qualified people from all over the world. For many, the barriers between them and a good job are that they have neither the basic knowledge of how to approach the job search, nor an awareness of their value in the Danish labor market. 

We provide foreigners with general knowledge regarding job-seeking subjects in Denmark, and we spend time on presentation techniques and the "elevator pitch." We find it very crucial in job searching that you can explain why you chose the career you did, what you have learned along the way, and how you see yourself in the future in a particular company.  

We offer a one week career course held in English, and it will be about: tools for job searching, Danish work culture, LinkedIn and career counseling. 

Please note that you need to be residing in the City of Copenhagen or Greater Copenhagen in order to register for our services.

The course is free of charge!

First Job Copenhagen

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