International Citizen Service can help you through CPR registration and provide you with a health insurance card and MitID.
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One of the first thing to do is to get familiar with International House Copenhagen. Here you find International Citizen Service, which provides services such as CPR registration for international citizens living in Greater Copenhagen. 

Apply for a CPR number

The CPR number is your civil registration number – read more about it here. You can apply for a CPR number at International House Copenhagen. When your application is approved, you will be asked to make a personal appointment to finalize your registration. Citizens from many municipalities in Greater Copenhagen can get a CPR number at International House. See the full list here.

Get your health insurance card  

Once you get registered and get a CPR number, you will be assigned a doctor and receive a health insurance card (yellow card). The health card is sent to you by post. Read more about the health insurance card.

Get a MitID and Digital post

Denmark is among the most digital countries in the world and you will experience that most communication with the public sector takes place online, which is made easy with MitID, NemKonto and e-Boks. MitID (Danish for ‘easy ID’) is a national login solution for public self-service, online banking, and various private online self-services. Your MitID is your secure digital signature and you need it to access a larger number of online services. Read more about how to get it and where to use it at MitID. (borger.dk). If you have a Danish CPR number, you will receive Digital Post from public authorities. This means that you need a MitID to access your online digital mailbox called e-Boks or borger.dk. You can read more about Digital Post here.

Open a bank account and get NemKonto

A NemKonto (Danish for ‘easy account’) enables public institutions to transfer money directly to your bank account. All citizens are required to have a NemKonto. If you open a Danish bank account, make sure to give it a NemKonto status NemKonto - your public bank account (borger.dk). If you are not planning on opening a Danish bank account, you can give your foreign bank account a NemKonto status.

Get your head around Danish taxes

Tax is the foundation for the extensive Danish welfare system. A system that ensure equal access to various services such as health insurance, hospital treatment, schooling, universities, eldercare, among many other things. So how to get your head around your Danish tax affairs? Join one of International House Copenhagen’s free events and get familiar with the Danish tax system. To apply for a tax card, make sure to visit Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) for guidelines on working in Denmark. You will find all relevant information about your tax payment, deductions, income abroad, your tax assessment notice etc.

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