We’ve got you covered with trains, busses and metros. Explore the entire Copenhagen region with a Rejsekort or City Pass.
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Getting around with public transport 

The public transport system is very efficient in Denmark. Most Danes use Rejsekort (an electronic ticketing system) when travelling with train, bus and metro. You might have seen them already – the check-in card reader with a blue dot at stations and in busses. You can get the card here.

Trains system in The Capital Region 

Single tickets cover all public transport including S-train, regular trains, metro, busses, harbour-busses, and airport trains. With the 7 lines of the red S-trains, you can reach almost every corner of the capital region. The frequency is high, and it also runs on Friday and Saturday nights. The best part is that you can bring your bike for free in the S-train. The Copenhagen Metro runs all the time – day and night – with automated driverless trains and frequent departures. The metro has currently 4 lines and is still expanding.

Go explore the Copenhagen region with City Pass or Copenhagen Card 

City Pass is easy to purchase and it covers all public transport. You can choose between City Pass Small or City Pass Large and for 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours. See where you can go on this map. If you want to visit sights and interesting places while exploring your new home, why not buy a Copenhagen Card? It includes most attractions and museums in the Copenhagen region as well as all public transport. You can buy a Copenhagen Card and get advice on how to make the best of it at Copenhagen Visitor Service.

Getting around in Denmark 

If you want to visit other places in Denmark, the national railway system DSB connects most of the country with high frequency and efficiency. DOT is a platform that unites all public transport operators in Denmark. Use Journeyplanner (Rejseplanen) to plan your trip and see timetables and prices for bus, train, and metro, including carsharing that combines different means of transport getting you from A to B. You can also choose to use private bus services, as they link many cities across the country. For alternative ways to get around, carsharing is an option - or even hitchhiking. Denmark is well connected. Go explore!   

Getting around Greater Copenhagen

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