There are many different events going on in Copenhagen, so finding like-minded people isn’t that difficult.
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Denmark has a long history of practicing sports in clubs and getting together through shared interests in what is called ‘foreninger’ (associations). Here you can meet up in your spare time to do what you love – play badminton, hockey, handball or set up theatre plays, discuss politics and learn how to draw. And you are invited! In a ‘forening’ or association, you meet colleagues, your manager or your son’s teacher on common grounds. It’s an organised community based on volunteering and inclusiveness, where social and economic differences disappear. Many associations already have a lot of international members for which reason English is widely spoken, though it’s a good place to practice your Danish skills. Here are some suggestions on how to find your new community at various network activities in Copenhagen or find a sports club at DGI, an organisation with more than 6.400 member sport clubs and 1,5 million members. At the annual event International Citizen Days, which takes place in September, you can also meet many associations,

Volunteer work

Doing volunteer work is one of the cornerstones of Danish society. Volunteering is an organised part of associations, sports clubs, festivals, and social and cultural organisations. Engage in your local community and become a volunteer. In addition to making a difference for a many people, it’s also very beneficial for your personal and professional life – it increases your professional network, you can learn about Danish society, and volunteering may lead to a job, if you are looking for one. Besides having fun, you might also get new friends. Get started by attending Volunteer Night at International House in spring or see more options here. You can also visit the largest portal for volunteer jobs in Denmark at Volunteering.dk or try dynamic volunteering with Cultural Volunteers.