The locals don’t bite, so try them out in the supermarket. Your local municipality also offers free Danish courses.
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Language schools 

Though many Danes master the English language well, it’s highly recommended to learn Danish – see courses and educational programs here. If you are 18, live in Denmark and have a CPR number, you are eligible for Danish classes offered by your local municipality. You can choose any language school in Denmark to begin your Danish language courses. View this list to read more about the language schools. 

Language clubs 

To practice and improve your Danish skills while at the same time meeting new people, you can consider joining a language exchange clubs or a language café. Check out this list for some good ideas. One of them is SMK KOM at the National Gallery of Denmark each Wednesday. Here you can improve your Danish skills while exploring world-class art. Or what about a ’snakkeklub’ at Nørrebro Library?