To help you find a comfy home, we have gathered useful videos and tips and tricks on where to start.
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Finding a place to live is crucial when arriving to a new city – though not always easy. It often requires time and effort, not just for newcomers but for locals too. To help you find suitable housing, we have gathered useful videos, suggestions for further guidance, and tips and tricks on where to start, where to search and what to be aware of when exploring the housing market.

Get your head around housing

There are a multitude of housing options in Greater Copenhagen: real estate, rentals, and cooperative housing. At international.kk.dk you can find an introduction to the housing types, links to housing websites and rooms and apartments to sign up for together with tips on what you should be aware of, how much you should expect to pay and how to seek legal aid. There are also many legal issues to be aware of when buying property in Denmark or renting out your home. For all tax related questions, please visit The Danish Tax Agency.

Step-by-step housing guide for international citizens

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Housing in Greater Copenhagen

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Where to live?

The population in Copenhagen is growing and the pressure on the housing market is intense and competitive, making the city relatively expensive. The suburbs could be the key to finding your new home, or even beyond the city limit. Within 30 minutes to an hour you can reach most parts of Greater Copenhagen, thus broadening your housing options - often for more affordable prices and closer to nature and the sea. Getting around is easy. Modern and efficient infrastructure ensure accessibility to all parts of the region. If you work in Copenhagen but want to live outside of the city, a Commuter Pass is a good option. If you decide to commute, you can even get a tax reduction for the transport between home and work.

Daily life – utilities, recycling, household and practicalities

When you get the keys to your new home, there are several practical matters to see to such as water, gas, heating, internet, waste bins, etc. You will find all the answers to your questions together with lots of useful guidelines here. Recycling household waste is one step towards Copenhagen’s goal of becoming a CO2-neutral capital – you are invited to help us achieve that goal!