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Privacy policy

International House Copenhagen's website and Facebook page is run by The City of Copenhagen and your security is very important to us. Read more about how we handle your personal data here.

1. The purpose of our use of your personal data

When International House uses personal data on our website or social media, we do it in the following way:

We handle your data in order to manage the enquiries and posts we receive from you with the purpose of answering your enquiry.

We handle your data after you have given us your consent to share them on social media in relation to our offers and activities.

2. The basis for our use of your personal data

Our use of your personal data on social media will typically be based on your consent. Either based on your enquiries through social media or based on your consent to let us publish information about you here.

When we use personal data to target our content, we do so to live up to the communication requirements we have as a public authority in the best way possible.

3. The types of personal data, we handle

When we receive an enquiry from you, we handle your name/user name and the content of your enquiry.

When we publish information, we only use the information we have permission to share. This will typically involve names, interviews, pictures and videos.

When we target our content, we segment based on sex, age, geography and interests based on the knowledge that the social media platform has about you. We only have access to the information in a pseudonymized form. As such, it is only the individual social media who can identify you based on the information.

4. Responsibility for the content of enquiries

The individual user has the responsibility for the content of an enquiry. We recommend that you do not share information that you do not want published. We also reserve the right to remove offensive material or material that is either illegal or does not comply with our guidelines.

We do not process individual case handling through our website or social media platforms, just like we do not use the Messenger function on Facebook.

5. Deletion

As a rule, we delete information about you when we no longer need it. On social media, your enquiries and our published content will be available as long as the individual social media platform allows it.

6. Your rights

When we handle your data, you have a series of rights by law. You can read more about these rights on kk.dk/databeskyttelse.

Here, you can also find the contact information of our data protection officer, who you can contact if have questions about your rights or the way we handle your information.

7. How to contact us

If you wish to contact International House Copenhagen, you can do so through our website, social media, by phone or traditional letter. If your enquiry is about something specific, we recommend that you contact the individual partner of International House.