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Denmark is in need of international talent. This need is recognised by the City of Copenhagen whose objective is to attract skilled professionals from abroad by collaborating closely with private companies and municipalities in Greater Copenhagen.

Under the slogan ‘Becoming a Copenhagener’, International House Copenhagen brings together public and private services that support the reception and retention of international talents in Copenhagen, ensuring quick and accurate response to any company requirements. International staff and their families are given a good start by the comfort of a one-point entry that makes life away from home a little more manageable.

We help your international staff settle in

Starting a new job can be daunting for anyone, especially for international employees who relocate and bring along their families. The difficulties of arriving in a foreign country, the challenges of cultural differences and the day-to-day practicalities should not be underestimated. An employee whose life away from the office falls quickly into place is bound to be happier and more focused at work for which reason you may want to consider helping your international staff and their families settle in.

International House Copenhagen offers a wide range of services from networking to job hunting that can help your international staff and their accompanying families overcome the challenges of arriving in a foreign country. This will provide your new employee with the best possible start to a new life away from home and simply help you skip the hassle of dealing with paperwork and practicalities as an employer. Please contact us through the link below, if you are interested in learning more about how we can assist you.

We provide the following to small and medium-sized companies, including a wide range of social and professional events – all in English and, of course, free of charge:

• Registration of new international employees, including issuance of social security number, EU registration certificate, health insurance card and choosing a general practitioner

• Guidance on how to get a tax card

• “New in Denmark” events on topics such as banking, NemID, insurance and Danish workplace culture

• Information about schooling and day care

• Job and career programmes 

• Introduction to local culture and leisure activities

DI Global Talent

The aim of this guide by DI Global Talent is to provide companies with an overview of available information; a shortcut to the most relevant and updated information about the opportunities and the legal matters associated with the recruitment of international labour, as well as inspiration and ideas for retention of international employees. 

The Danish Chamber of Commerce/Dansk Erhverv

The Danish Chamber of Commerce is the network for the service industry in Denmark. It is one of the largest professional business organisations in Denmark with more than 240 employees and offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and in Brussels. They also guide companies on recruitment of international labour (in Danish and for members only).


Øresunddirekt is an information service that conveys public information from the authorities to the citizens and the business community in the Öresund region, providing useful information about working in Denmark while living in Sweden.

Employ an international talent – step-by-step guide

For many small companies, hiring an international employee can be a complex process – both in terms of the rules that apply for the employing part, but certainly also when it comes to registrations and applications that employees themselves must go through in order to work in Denmark legally.

The Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) and the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (Styrelsen for International Rekruttering og Integration - SIRI) have developed a digital guide for employers to assist international employees through this recruitment process step-by-step. Companies can use the guide to get an overview of the registrations required and much more. The guide is in

International talent recruitment

Thousands of well-educated foreigners come to Denmark every year to work and live. Many are attracted by the opportunities to combine professional challenges, comfortable living conditions and family-friendly working hours. In order to meet the future needs for well-qualified labour, Denmark intends to attract even more talented people from abroad. That is why many Danish private and public organisations are keen to recruit highly skilled foreign workers and make great efforts to ensure that their international employees settle well into their new lives in Denmark.


Workindenmark can help you expand your international staff. Professional and highly experienced consultants are ready to assist you through the entire process to find candidates that match the specific requirements of your company. This saves you time and money and gives you the freedom to continue doing what you do best. Please contact Workindenmark, if you are interested in learning more about how they can assist you. The services are free of charge.

Københavns Erhvervshus

Københavns Erhvervshus assists companies in finding the right candidates from their international talent pool – talents, who are eager to work and stay in Denmark, learn the language, and contribute to the success and growth of your company. Their international candidates live in Denmark and are highly educated, many of them with extensive international work experience. In addition to professional knowledge and techni­cal skills, these talents can contribute with their language and cultural skills as well as know­ledge about foreign markets and businesses. As part of their participation in various programs, they have learned about Danish workplace culture, extended their Danish network and, in many cases, wor­ked extensively with a Danish mentor. Many are interested in interns­hips and wage subsidy positions too.

Please contact Københavns Erhvervshus directly for more information -

Copenhagen Capacity/Greater Copenhagen Career Portal

Did you know that you can strengthen your international recruitment through high-level matchmaking events, large talent attraction campaigns or a free company profile at the Greater Copenhagen Career Portal?

Copenhagen Capacity is heading a number of talent initiatives helping companies in Greater Copenhagen find highly skilled international candidates whether it’s young professionals or experienced specialists within especially IT, engineering and life sciences. The Greater Copenhagen Career Portal is a service that lists jobs at companies in the Greater Copenhagen region especially suited for international candidates. It functions as a matchmaking service that facilitates contact between companies in Greater Copenhagen and qualified international candidates interested in pursuing a career in Greater Copenhagen. There are currently +160 companies and +1200 jobs opening at the career portal, and more than 30,000 international specialists within IT, Engineering and Business are already connected to the career portal! It’s free for a company to sign up for a company profile.

Please contact Copenhagen Capacity at to learn more about their upcoming talent activities and the career portal.