Event collaboration

Do you have a suggestion for a new event? And would you like to collaborate with us to make it happen?

At International House Copenhagen, we offer 10-12 social and informative events for new international citizens in Greater Copenhagen each year. Our event team is placed in the department of Internationalisation & Tourism in The City of Copenhagen (Københavns Kommune). We occasionally team up with private companies and organisations to provide the best possible service to our visitors.

Please note that you must live up to the following criteria, if you would like to collaborate with us:

  • Your services must be in English and be relevant to international citizens in the Greater Copenhagen area
  • Your involvement must be free of charge
  • You must represent the entire industry or field, which you are a part of, and you cannot advertise your own products or services

We reserve the right to choose partners based on an overall assessment of which player can offer the most relevant products for a specific event.

For more information, feel free to contact us at welcome@kff.kk.dk.

Are you our new event partner?

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