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Let's guide you to an active life

Would you like to add a little more music, art, sports and fun to your daily life? Here is your chance, let us guide you to an active life!

It is no secret that moving abroad is a big adjustment and moving to Copenhagen is no exception. Searching for a job, apartment hunting, paperwork and practicalities. You have lots of things to juggle as a newcomer and finding a fun way to spend your leisure time should not be one of them.

International House Copenhagen is here to guide you, making sure that no stone is unturned when it comes to exploring the cultural and leisure activities available in Copenhagen. Your only job is to show up and have a good time.  

Culture & Leisure Guidance

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Culture & Leisure Guidance

What is leisure guidance?

Copenhagen repeatedly tops polls as one of the most livable cities in the world. The cultural and leisure scene of the city is rich and diverse, only waiting to be explored by you. But when you are dealing with a new country, a new job and a new language, it may be hard to know where to begin and what to do. 

Are you looking for leisure activities for yourself or your children? Would you like to know more about a specific sports club, dance studio or organization? What about digging into volunteer work in order to gain more professional experience and expand your network? Whether you are looking for specific information or overall inspiration, we are here to help you.

Leisure Guidance is a free, fun and informal meet-up, where voluntary guides at International House Copenhagen introduce you to the city and its countless activities in an engaging, interactive and relaxed setting - everyone is welcome and all you need to do is to sign up! 

Who are the leisure guides?

Volunteering is the cornerstone of Danish society and it is said that more than 40 % of all Danes are involved in some sort of volunteer work. International House celebrates the proud tradition of volunteering by not only playing an encouraging role but also a facilitating one, actively engaging newcomers in their new lives in Copenhagen. 

Leisure Guidance is run by a group of lovely voluntary guides from every corner of the world who were all once in your shoes: brand new to Copenhagen. They have come together to share their personal experiences, their tips and tricks and dos and don'ts, while introducing you to the city that has now become their home. 

Does it sound interesting? And would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact us at leisureguides@kff.kk.dk, if you are considering joining our volunteer team. We are always on the hunt for open and outgoing guides, who would like to represent International House Copenhagen. 

What do the participants say?

"Very impressed by the enthusiastic volunteers organizing the programs. Thank you!"

"Thank you all for your positive attitude towards integration into the Danish way of living.  You have energized me!"

"The leisure guides were very friendly and knowledgeable. They gave a great overview and lots of useful information. I would definitely recommend Leisure Guidance!"

"Thank you for kindly explaining and giving good information."

"A very enjoyable session - very well presented and prepared."

"Great information, especially for people new to CPH."

"I heard about it at the International Fair last Sunday, and it was much more than I expected!"

"Very nice and useful presentation! Although I have been living here for 3 years, I found many interesting things!"

"Extremely helpful presentation. Very warm and welcoming for a newcomer in Denmark!"

Tips & tricks

Being international Copenhageners themselves, our leisure guides at International House Copenhagen have all faced challenges when first arriving in Denmark. They are more than happy to share their personal experiences, their tips and tricks and dos and don'ts with you. So why not profit from their experiences to ensure the best outcome for your stay in Copenhagen? Feel free to read along and make sure to sign up for more useful tips and tricks. 

"I found myself in a completely new situation, where my family and friends were far away. It takes time and effort to build a new network.”

"The locals are happy to practice their English with foreigners, so I found it hard to use the Danish I learned at school.”

"I found it hard to find information online as well as events and activities in English. Now I know where to look.”

"It took me some time to find my way through all the information I was exposed to. Where was I supposed to go and who was I supposed to ask for the right information?”

"The Danes are very proactive and like to take action. My tip for you is to do the same – Danes are in fact very helpful.”

"Use social media, meet-ups, your local international network, etc. to discover the city’s broad offers in English. And get a bike.”

"Danes don’t bite. Don’t be afraid of the cultural differences, stick to yourself and try to find common values and interests.”

"Learn some Danish and I guarantee that the locals will be impressed. Insist on using it with locals and try to use it in your everyday life."

How do I sign up?

Culture & Leisure Guidance takes place at Huset-KBH. The event is open for all newcomers and all you need to do is to find a date that suits you under 'Events' and sign up. Make sure to follow us on Facebook.