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This job search course is for expats with limited educational background living in the City of Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen.

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This job search course is for trained and untrained international jobseekers living in the City of Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen. It is a free 1-day course in English aiming at giving internationals a greater chance of finding a job in Denmark.

Your education and experience are not important. The crucial thing is that you are looking for any job so that you can support yourself and possibly your family.

When you participate in this course, we therefore expect that you are interested in all types of jobs. E.g. unskilled jobs in hotel, restaurant, tourism, cleaning, transport, property service, warehouse, care, customer service, construction, and more.

When you attend the job search course, you will learn about structuring your CV and you will get a better understanding of the Danish job market. You will be introduced to available jobs, and you will also have the opportunity to speak with a business consultant after completing the course. You can get your CV in our database and be included in job matchmaking activities.

You can apply if you: 

  • Have a valid residence permit and active CPR number
  • Have lived in Denmark less than 3 years
  • Speak and understand enough English to participate in the course

Questions and answers

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How is a course structured?

A course consists of both theoretical and practical teaching and you are expected to actively participate.

Do I have to pay for the course?

No, it's free of charge. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We expect you to participate in a full course. If you cancel more than once or do not show up without cancelling in advance, you will not be allowed to attend the course at a later time.

Will I get a job after attending a course?

Although we do our best to give you a better chance of getting the right job in Denmark, a job is not guaranteed.

Do I need to bring my computer?



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