Health insurance card

Denmark has an extensive public healthcare system that offers free consultation and treatment at a local doctor’s, emergency wards and public hospitals. Most examinations and treatments are free, but you need to register and get a health insurance card.

Children are covered by the health insurance scheme together with their mother or father until they reach the age of 15 and are insured independently of their parents.

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When you are covered by the national health insurance, you can register with a general practitioner (GP) and receive a yellow health insurance card.

The health insurance card is documentation that you are entitled to the services offered under the national health insurance scheme.

Approximately three to four weeks after you have registered, your national health insurance card will be sent to your Danish address. The card will show your name and address, your CPR number and the name and address of your doctor.

It is advisable always to carry this card with you as it is required whenever you need to see a doctor, a dentist or go to hospital – or when you want to take out books from the library.

Special Health Insurance Card 

If you work in Denmark but live in another EU/EEA country (i.e. EU Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or Switzerland, you will, as a rule, be entitled to the Special Health Insurance Card and to the Blue European Health Insurance Card.

The Special Health Insurance Card gives you the right to use the Danish healthcare service on the same terms as citizens who live in Denmark.

Special Health Insurance Cards are issued for a maximum of two years.

The card is issued by Udbetaling Danmark