Searching for a job

Several organizations at International House Copenhagen are ready to assist you in your job search. On this page you can read about the various organizations, courses and programs.

Please note that all of the offers mentioned below are free of charge. It is, however, also possible to acquire assistance from private companies at International House Copenhagen.


Drop by for information about the Danish labour market and let us help you find a job.
Greater Copenhagen Career Program is a 6-month career program for international students.
Are you an international citizen in Copenhagen looking for a job?
New to Copenhagen? Why not get a volunteer host who can help you in your job search, practice Danish with you or show you Copenhagen?
Copenhagen Career Program provides services for accompanying spouses living in Copenhagen.


Geneva Tubby came to Copenhagen in the spring of 2014. Read her story and find out how she has expanded her social network.
Luisa Fernanda Vargas Hormiga came to Copenhagen i March 2013. Read her story here.
Amit Singh Chauhan came to Copenhagen in September 2010. Read his story and find out how he got involved in the city.