More than 3 months

As an EU citizen, you are required to bring the following documents when you apply for your CPR number at International House Copenhagen.

Please make sure to print, carefully complete and bring the following

together with

  • Passport/national ID card
  • Proof of residence (rental contract or declaration of tenancy)
  • Birth certificate (relevant for minors below the age of 18 only)
  • Marriage certificate (relevant for accompanying spouses only)

Please note! The State Administration will issue your EU registration certificate. The State Administration is present at the International House on Wednesdays from 10-15 and Thursdays from 11-15. They will not be able to operate all attendance during this limited period of time: 17 cases are processed on Wednesdays and 13 on Thursdays. We therefore recommend EU citizens to visit The State Administration at Ellebjergvej 52, 2450 Copenhagen SV.