to Greater Copenhagen's biggest event for internationals on housing, career and leisure life


A roof over your head, a good job and a social network are prerequisites for a good start to a new life away from your familiar surroundings. But they are not always easy to come by.

Greater Copenhagen has come together to make sure you get the best possible guidance in everything from your housing hunt, job search, childcare and language classes to establishing a new network, jump starting your social life and simply getting to know your new home.
By offering you the ease and comfort of a one-point entry, we hope to make sure things run smoothly for not only you but also for your accompanying partner and children with the very first ever International Citizen Day.

Taking place in DGI-Byen in the heart of Copenhagen, International Citizen Day revolves around three themes essential to newcomers through carefully curated talks, fairs, workshops and activities in a festive setting where both new and old internationals are celebrated.


Are you trying to figure out where to settle? Are you familiar with the legal issues to consider when renting or buying a home in Denmark? And how do you even get a grasp of the multitude of housing options available out there? A basic necessity and yet challenging to find for not only internationals but also locals, securing good housing often requires professional guidance. Experienced representatives from both the housing market and the financial sector are ready to guide you through the jungle of complex information.


Would you like to understand the Danish tax system and traditional model of collective bargaining? How do you improve your chances of finding a good job or pursuing a certain career? And what are the inescapable codes of Danish workplace culture that you cannot miss? Public and private experts, including the Danish tax authorities, employees’ associations and trade unions are ready to provide you with great insights while at the same time helping you and your partner fulfil your professional selves.


Would you like to add a little more music, art, sports and fun to either your or your children’s daily life? What about being up to date on upcoming cultural events? Have you considered volunteering for a good cause while at the same time practicing your Danish skills and expanding your social network? Sports clubs, dance studios, culture houses, museums, libraries, you name it. A broad range of representatives from the Greater Copenhagen culture and leisure scene is ready to help you make the most of your spare time by guiding you and your family to an active life.  


With a clear objective to inform and inspire, International Citizen Day gives you the chance to meet, engage and network with public authorities, private organizations and local communities in the entire Greater Copenhagen region.


So, save the date! Spread the word! And feel free to bring family and friends.
The event is free, so do not hesitate, and sign up today!

Welcome to one of the happiest, most liveable places on Earth – welcome to Greater Copenhagen.

We look forward to seeing you at International Citizen Day on 21 September 2019 from 10.00 - 15.00 at DGI-byen in central Copenhagen.