27 Aug


27.08.2018, 16:30 to 19:00
Free of charge
Explore the rich cultural and leisure life of Greater Copenhagen

Come try the fun activities for kids and adults, taste the famous City Hall pancakes and get inspired to new cultural and leisure activities in Greater Copenhagen.


Get inspired. Get involved.

Perhaps you are new in town, perhaps you have been here for years: HELLOpenhagen is an afternoon dedicated to you.

This is your chance to add sports, music and exciting activities to your daily life, and expand your network at the same time. The event is a fair with representatives from more than 35 organizations, sports clubs, culture houses and companies, who can help you settle in to your new life in Copenhagen and find culture and leisure activities that fit your free time.

Taste the delicious City Hall pancakes, experience surprise performances and participate in the competition to win great prizes - all while you explore local cultural and leisure life activities.
Join us at HELLOpenhagen and discover new aspects of Greater Copenhagen!

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