Culture & Leisure Guidance

30 Nov


Tue. 30. Nov. kl. 17.00 to kl. 18.30
Would you like to be up to date with culture and leisure activities in Copenhagen and expand your network? Let our leisure guides help you!

Are you looking for leisure activities in Copenhagen for yourself or your children? Are you interested in upcoming cultural events? Would you like to volunteer? Join this event, meet fellow international citizens and let us guide you through the city's countless offers.

This evening the guides will give you an overall presentation and you will get the chance to network with others who are in the same situation as yourself. And maybe even find someone who would like to come with you to the next concert, football training or cooking class.

The guides are international citizens themselves and they have been living in Denmark for some years. They will share their own experiences and give you tips to get started with your social life in Copenhagen. 

Please note that you can also be guided through the culture and leisure activities in neighbouring municipalities such as Ballerup, Høje-Taastrup or Lyngby-Taarbæk at these events. 

Read more about the leisure guides.

Location: BALSALEN at Huset-KBH.