We recruit international talents

Is your company looking for highly qualified international staff? Let us help you recruit international talents from all over the world.

Thousands of well-educated foreigners come to Denmark every year to work and live. Many are attracted by the opportunities to combine professional challenges, comfortable living conditions and family-friendly working hours.

To meet the future needs for well-qualified labour, Denmark intends to attract more talented people from abroad. That is why many Danish private and public organizations are keen to recruit highly skilled foreign workers and make great efforts to ensure that their international employees settle well into their new lives in Denmark.


Workindenmark at the International House can help you expand your international staff. Professional and highly experienced consultants are here ready to assist you through the entire process in order to find candidates that match the specific requirements of your company. This saves you time and money and gives you the freedom to continue doing what you do best. Please contact Workindenmark through the link below, if you are interested in learning more about how they can assist you. The services are free of charge.

We have highly motivated and ambitious international talents ready to help your business grow.

Business House Copenhagen

Business House Copenhagen assists busines­ses in finding the right candidates from our international talent pool.

Our talents are eager to work and stay in Denmark, learn the language and contribute to the success and growth of your company. We have international candidates who lives in Denmark, are highly educated and many of them have work experience from around the world. Besides the professional knowledge and techni­cal skills these talents can contribute with their language and cultural skills as well as know­ledge about foreign markets and businesses. Additionally, as part of their participation in our programs, they have learned about Danish work place culture, extended their Danish network and, in many cases, wor­ked extensively with a Danish mentor. Many of our talents are available for interns­hips and wage subsidy positions.

Contact us today! We offer a professional and easy recruitment service matching the best candidate with your needs.

Please contact teaminternational@erhverv.kk.dk for more information.

"For us, the International House is exactly the one point of entry that we need." (Nicolai Raymund Jensen, HR Manager at the Carlsberg Group)