"Networking is SO important here"

Geneva Tubby came to Copenhagen in the spring of 2014. Read her story and find out how she has expanded her social network.

Geneva and her partner lived in Scotland when they decided to move to Copenhagen. Her partner had been offered a permanent position as safety engineer in a Danish company, and Geneva had recently finished her education as policy analyst: “We wanted to find a good work-life balance, and this is something Denmark’s progressive social welfare system offered. We wanted to put ourselves out there and find our own adventure! ”

They soon fell in love with the Nordic capital: “Copenhagen is such a great place. It agrees with us very well; the active life style it allows for and the Danish culture.”

Join the active culture

While searching for a job, Geneva has been focusing on expanding her network, socially as well as professionally: “Networking is so important here. It really is about who you know, which means that you have to put yourself out there!”

Besides becoming a member of a Canadian group for expats in Denmark, she started Danish classes right away: “You go there, and you have an instant social life. People are in exactly your situation. People are from all over the world and they want to reach out and make friends and build a support system, and that is a fantastic way to feel a part of the city.”

Soon aerobics and ballet classes filled up the calendar as well, and she was inspired to become a volunteer: “I volunteered for Copenhagen Pride and that was such a great experience. It was so much fun – all about equality and happiness, and bringing people together to celebrate love. It was a great way to meet Danes, too.”

“We went to all sorts of festivals during the summer. There’s always stuff going on so it’s easy to feel included in the city, which is really nice.”

Explore the city

Geneva also started exploring the city by bike like the Danes do themselves. “I find the city so manageable and safe. I like the size of it – you can cycle from one end of the city to the other in half an hour, and that’s great. It makes everything so accessible.”

Besides cycling, she began running by the lakes in the city centre and participating in roller skate events: “You meet people at social events and start talking. When people find out that I’m looking for a job, they are usually very supportive – they are genuinely trying to help you and lead you in the right direction.”


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