If you live outside of Copenhagen

The International Citizen Service provides services for citizens in 31 municipalities (kommuner)

The International Citizen Service offers

Help with paperwork

Personal guidance

  • Job seeking in Denmark 

Read more about the International Citizen Service at www.icitizen.dk

The services are free of charge.

*The State Administration is present at International House Copenhagen on Wednesdays and Thursdays. During the two days, the State Administration is able to issue 62 EU registration certificates.
Please book an appointment and bring all relevant documents.
You are also welcome to visit their main office at Ellebjergvej 52, 2450 Copenhagen SV: Monday-Wednesday 8-14, Thursday 12-16 and Friday 8-14.
If you have questions concerning your EU residence, please call them at +45 7256 7036

In case you need an EU registration certificate as well as a CPR number, we ask you to fill in your online application for a CPR number as soon as you schedule an appointment at the State Administration at ICS. If both applications are approved, you will get your EU registration certificate and CPR number right away when you visit the International Citizen Service at International House Copenhagen.

Non-EU citizens, please visit international.kk.dk for information about residence permits.

When you visit the International Citizen Service at International House Copenhagen, you might want to participate in one of our many events - take a look at them here


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