"Danes do a lot of volunteer work"

Amit Singh Chauhan came to Copenhagen in September 2010. Read his story and find out how he got involved in the city.
Amit was working in India when he signed up for a project that would send him off to work in an insurance company in Copenhagen, Denmark. At that time, he and his wife, Sucharitha, did not know much about Denmark besides the fact that it is a small country known for its dairy products.
However, when they arrived they discovered that their new destination had a lot more to offer and the couple soon expanded their network and began using the city actively in their spare time.

Time for yourself and for your family

“Here work-life balance plays an important role in a person’s life,” Amit says. He has a flexible 37 hour work week in Denmark: “It’s really good because it means that you have time for yourself and for your family.”
The work-life balance has made it possible for him to have time to volunteer, go cycling and running for personal fitness, be with his wife and his newborn son and go to Danish language classes.
When he worked three years in London, he was used to meeting his friends and co-workers at the local pub: “In Copenhagen you are invited to a person’s home instead.” Amit’s network has slowly expanded this way. At first he only met with his closest colleagues but now he has made new friends, especially through volunteering projects. ”My experience in Denmark has taught me that networking is really important, and volunteering is a good way of making friends if you are new to the country. Danes do a lot of volunteer work”, he adds.


It was actually his wife who encouraged him to become a volunteer: “She was a volunteer herself and she really was having fun,” Amit says. “Being a volunteer enables you to participate in a lot of festivals and different activities. It is very nice to be a part of it, learning new things, different cultures, different kinds of food and meeting new people.”
Now he is part of the largest volunteer corps in Copenhagen, Cph Volunteers. “I like sports, so I usually try to participate in sports events,” he says and recalls being a volunteer at a marathon, a cycling event and a relay. The events often take place in the evening or during the weekends outside work hours. ”So it is possible to both work and volunteer. I have found quite a few friends through Cph Volunteers actually!”

A new life in Copenhagen

In the summer of 2014 Amit and his wife decided to get a more permanent base in the city as they are planning to stay at least 5 to 6 more years. So, Amit left his job at the Indian company and got a local job instead. Recently, his wife gave birth to a baby boy and Amit looks forward to spending some quality time with his family visiting the many playgrounds in the city, going to swimming classes and teaching his son how to play football and ride a bike in the streets of Copenhagen.

About Amit

Amit Singh Chauhan, 31 years old, India.
Bachelor of Technology and Master of Business Administration.
Came to Copenhagen in September 2010.
Works as Senior Software Developer.